Gianfelice Carfagnini


An integral and consistent design approach and personalized service, a tailor-made process for each client: from defining the habitat concept to designing its interior, from designing decorations to creating custom furniture. No matter if it has to do with private residences, hotel business, farmhouses, or hospitality spaces, architecture is determined by conceptual clarity. Each project is approached with emotional and rational focus, a dialogue between tradition and innovation, and an interaction between function and form.  Each project is different because it arises from the synthesis between the potential of the environment, the function of the spaces, and the client’s identity. It takes shape through the combination of surfaces and materials, full volumes and conceptual voids, details and sensibilities, colors and textures, and light and intimacy.
Interior design and attention to every detail merge with architectural design in terms of aesthetics, style and functional needs, with the same quest for beauty, in a continuous interchange of influence and relationships. Collaboration with the best craftsmen, a network of national and international suppliers, and know-how in searching works of art complete the exclusive service offered to each client. 
Extensive experience in renovating and transforming historic buildings, yet respecting typological, formal, structural, architectural, and artistic elements to maintain the value of the property and landmark pre-existences while meeting the contemporary desires of the client.
In its contemporary practice, landscape design connects landscape architecture to garden design, focusing on both landscape planning around a real estate property and green spaces surrounding it. Landscape design unites nature and culture, combining the two elements of architecture and surroundings into a unique and harmonious space so that the same style and care are enjoyed between the interior and exterior.

Designing light is an absolute necessity and a fundamental element in defining contemporary spaces, and it is carried out in parallel with the design of environments, both in terms of the technological part and the emotional and dynamic sphere. Technology combined with sensations, lighting engineering combined with emotions and poetry, guiding the choice of lights that can create a dynamic, unique, efficient space and above all, fit the personality and needs of each client. 


Every aspect of the design process is taken care of: from paperwork to planning the project and budget for its implementation, to the approval and supervision of the work, so that the client is accompanied along the path to the realization of their project, guaranteeing a complete and optimal result and adherence to the projected costs and delivery schedules.
Top-level knowledge of the real estate market and key players in the industry alongside the privilege of reaching out to off-market properties allow us to guide our clients through the purchase and sale of the most beautiful and exclusive real estate on the market and beyond.